Saturday, October 31, 2009

I present you with presents

Here's what I've been working on:
This little booklet is like a prototype extended business card/brochure for my boyfriend. The little drawings inside are all his and I made the booklet based on a great tutorial from Craftynest.

And then, still on the topic of business cards, I made a business card case for my mom from a mint tin. The front is done in FIMO, and the back is padded with felt. I really like how it turned out. Hope she will, too :)

And now I am off to rest a bit. I'm coming down with something, and am feeling really tired. Need to stuff myself with some tea and comfort goodies. In other words - I go to pester J. to make me some tea and put on a film ;-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Silly me!

I completely forgot to post this! And it is cozy! :))

What is it? A tequila cozy of course!
It was a birthday present. The little pouch contains drinking games and dice and cards. And naturally, there is a pom-pom on the top ;)

Nesting anyone?

I don't know if it's the sense of incoming winter or plain PMS, but I have been crafting galore, and it was all for home decoration. Now I feel cozy ;)

Okay, the mask was for a friend's son, so it doesn't strictly fall into 'home' category, but it's padded! - therefore cozy ;)

Pom-pom and fimo bead flowers. Very recycled. Have I not mentioned that I made pom-poms galore? Oh, and I made the vase, too. There's a Nesquick box lurking underneath ;)

Is it wrong that I am posting my toilet on the blog? Well, anyhoo...ahem, the painting was done specifically for the toilet, which is otherwise very claustrophobic. It's supposed to be a window...I mean, I hope you can see that.

I'm working on a couple of personalized presents at the moment. Will post as soon as they're done.

Have a good Thursday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still in that colourful swing

Yup, still there...
As soon as I lay my eyes on that bag from the last post, I knew just what kind of earrings I wanted for it. I was relishing the idea of making them for a couple of days, and finally, here they are. I am very pleased, if I may say so myself :-)

The colours strike again with another knitted bangle - very imperfect, but it's for myself, so I don't care much.
A break from colour, and into practicality - I just needed this, so I made it.
But then, I went completely berserk, and decided to make a vest. And not just any kind of vest...
It took some patience to make all these pom-poms (there are around 30 of them here, plus some that I didn't use), and then put them in place one by one. I love it, and I look completely mad in it...and I love it. The inspiration came from the ruffle sleeve top, from one of the previous posts, but as soon as I put it on I started singing Are we human, or are we dancers... If you've seen The Killers video, you'll know why. Now I want feathers :))

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Viva los colores!

On Friday I made this knitted bangle bracelet. I was in a completely wintery mood and thought I'd do something warming and I found this method and the colour combo suiting. (I am not a very good knitter, but this is just for me, so I don't mind the slip-ups)

Then yeasterday we went shopping for some supplies and presents, and as you can see, my colours were still on winter tip of the scale (regardless of the butterfly).

And theeeeeen.......colours just exploded all around me. And kept exploding!

I bought this lovely little vintage looking purse, and some yarn, as well as that cover for the armchair, and some sewing material. The colours completely changed my mood.

Everything was suddenly very bunt, including my boyfriend, his painting and the little felt phone case I just made for him (which sits on his shoulder only for the purpose of the photo, btw.)
So, how could I not make some colourful jewelry. I finally used the felt elements I made a while ago and tadah!
Seriously, I cannot tell you how much colours influence me. They really make me happy. When I see nice colours, my mood immediately lifts. They don't have to be warm - it is just the effect that a good combination has on me. That is one of the reasons why I love my boyfriend's paintings so much. He is very good with colours and I have a painting of his that's my favourite hanging opposite the couch, because every time I look at it, it makes me smile a little.
And anyway, there is a good reason for the "bunt" as a part of my name here and the name of our little manufacture :-)
I hope the colours above bring you some smiles as well!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Secret garden

I am still in full boost as far as fimo meddling is concerned. Here are some of the latest tidbits, mostly inspired by completely amazing Jennifer Morris, and her technique:

Monday, October 5, 2009

The news is...

...that I have finally opened a little shop at DaWanda! Wahey!

Normally, the stuff I make gets snatched by friends and family, or given away as presents. So, finally, I have kept a few pieces for selling purposes. And there is more to come :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cool breezes

The autumn is upon us here and I am productive galore (and have no idea why this is underlined, but cannot change it, urgh). Reusing, reassembling, recycling seem to be my things in these, as well as some cool colours (and by "cool", I mean the temperature, not the likeability;))

So here are my latest meddlings:

Dress/tunic, recycled from my boyfriend's old T-shirt and some scrap material. The picture on the front is a Japanese illustration (that got this whole thing started btw.). The little flower on the side serves the purpose of hiding the stupid NIKE sign that I couldn't get rid of any other way.

The inspiration for this came from Maegan's tutorial for ruffle sleeve top but I gave it up half way through because I thought this works better for these colours. Also, I wanted exactly these colours, so this is not an old T-shirt, but a quickly sewn top ;)

Okay, this picture is crap, but the shrug is completely adorable in person. When I first saw Eve's tutorial at Cut Out & Keep, I couldn't figure out how it would work, but when I got around to trying it, I was completely thrilled! It is so incredibly easy and looks so great that I am tempted to do loads of them (so far, I only had one blouse that I could use for this, but I am on the lookout for more;)). Thanks Eve!

So, after my sewing spree, I moved on to adequate jewellry of course...
Pendant immediately acquired by my boyfriend. Made on a recycled jar lid.

Again, a bad photo - the colours are much nicer live, and they match the colours of the ruffle top perfectly.

These were made from recycled zipper "thingies" (whatever those are called - you know, the thing you grab hold of when handling a zipper?)

Another pendant (and, yes, another peacock) on a recycled jar lid.

I'm still on the go!


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