Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cool breezes

The autumn is upon us here and I am productive galore (and have no idea why this is underlined, but cannot change it, urgh). Reusing, reassembling, recycling seem to be my things in these, as well as some cool colours (and by "cool", I mean the temperature, not the likeability;))

So here are my latest meddlings:

Dress/tunic, recycled from my boyfriend's old T-shirt and some scrap material. The picture on the front is a Japanese illustration (that got this whole thing started btw.). The little flower on the side serves the purpose of hiding the stupid NIKE sign that I couldn't get rid of any other way.

The inspiration for this came from Maegan's tutorial for ruffle sleeve top but I gave it up half way through because I thought this works better for these colours. Also, I wanted exactly these colours, so this is not an old T-shirt, but a quickly sewn top ;)

Okay, this picture is crap, but the shrug is completely adorable in person. When I first saw Eve's tutorial at Cut Out & Keep, I couldn't figure out how it would work, but when I got around to trying it, I was completely thrilled! It is so incredibly easy and looks so great that I am tempted to do loads of them (so far, I only had one blouse that I could use for this, but I am on the lookout for more;)). Thanks Eve!

So, after my sewing spree, I moved on to adequate jewellry of course...
Pendant immediately acquired by my boyfriend. Made on a recycled jar lid.

Again, a bad photo - the colours are much nicer live, and they match the colours of the ruffle top perfectly.

These were made from recycled zipper "thingies" (whatever those are called - you know, the thing you grab hold of when handling a zipper?)

Another pendant (and, yes, another peacock) on a recycled jar lid.

I'm still on the go!

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