Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh so busy...

...and not so much with lovely creation, but rather other mundane things :(
However, I have been quite productive as well, and I'll show you here en-bulk.
Some things unexpectedly sold before I could even list them, I had loads of commissions and am very exhausted and in need of a holiday. But there you go, life gets in the way.
But! I am in no way whining and now I'll get on with it and just show you the pics. I hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend!
(Weekend, yay!)

So, the burdies are naturally flying around and the bottom two are still available at the shop.

These 3 have already been sold or gifted to lovely friends.

The earrings I kept for myself, but the pendant will be in the shop today

And my latest obsession that I call "mad patchwork". Some sold and some will be available later today.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that and don't mind me being slightly "unconnected", I'm working on it ;)

Cheers, my dears!


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