Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nesting anyone?

I don't know if it's the sense of incoming winter or plain PMS, but I have been crafting galore, and it was all for home decoration. Now I feel cozy ;)

Okay, the mask was for a friend's son, so it doesn't strictly fall into 'home' category, but it's padded! - therefore cozy ;)

Pom-pom and fimo bead flowers. Very recycled. Have I not mentioned that I made pom-poms galore? Oh, and I made the vase, too. There's a Nesquick box lurking underneath ;)

Is it wrong that I am posting my toilet on the blog? Well, anyhoo...ahem, the painting was done specifically for the toilet, which is otherwise very claustrophobic. It's supposed to be a window...I mean, I hope you can see that.

I'm working on a couple of personalized presents at the moment. Will post as soon as they're done.

Have a good Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Da baš deluje klaustrofobično... ali je slika pravo osveženje! :)

Teodora said...

Hvala! Malo je i ona previse mracna, valjda zbog rama, ali dobro - bar malo boje ;)


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