Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jacket out of trousers - tutorial

Here's a tutorial for the jacket from the previous post. Mind you, I am far from a professional seamstress and I mostly improvise, since I sew only for myself, so if you know better, please do modify as you go along. Also, sorry for the drawn tute, I didn't take any pics as I was making the actual jacket, since I had no idea if it would turn out right, just blissful hope - I am one of those people who know of the expression "measure twice, cut once", but my selective memory makes me forget about it as soon as I have a project in mind - and to tell you the truth, whenever I have tried to be precise it was a disaster (if you read the "Blah" post, you'll know what I mean).
So, without further ado:

What you'll need:
  • a pair of trousers (sizewise: mine were from my boyfriend, I would be able to fit into them and it made a right size jacket for me, even though I have big boobs; best bet is to measure the width of the trouser leg x2 and see if it fits the broadest part of your back, since the front closing is supposed to be askew anyway)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread (or a sewing machine, you lucky bastard)
  • measuring tape and straight pins

(the seam that you don't cut will be the one that stays in the middle of the back)
You can play with lengths a little here (as much as the length of the trouser leg allows you, that is)

(in case you want to fit the sleeves the "cheatin' way", as shown here, just sew  shoulder seams together, and skip the side seams for now)
(middle seam of the back is the one that you left on the trouser leg - am I talking too much?)

I find this the best way to determine the width of the collar. Otherwise, you can just measure it beforehand.

Again, the existing sleeve seam is the one you left on the trouser leg. And again, I find it easier to fit the sleeve while the piece is rectangular and then cut off excess, than to try to measure and cut it out first. Also, in case you are fitting the sleeve the cheatin' way, mentioned above, you would do this flat, and then sew the side seams of the body together after this step.

As far as the closing is concerned, you can choose buttons and then make button holes, or button loops, or use velcro, or whatever you want really. Mine is probably gonna end up with velcro.
Btw, you can add a lining to it as well, I am too lazy for that - besides, this is a recycling project! (or so I justify my laziness) 

Now, in case it was unclear where each of the trouser leg pieces goes, I tried to make a little colour chart.

In case anything else was unclear, or you just want to express your approval or disgust, please do leave comment and ask away (or praise away! or spit away!)

And this is my jacket:

Nice to meet you!


P!na said...

i love it!!!
i need a pair of jeans now!!!

Teodora said...

Yay, I'm so glad you like it!

Nela said...

Seems so easy when somebody else is doing it! Love the idea:D
Stop by my blog, I invite you to play a "game"... :)

Teodora said...

It is easy! :)) And I just posted my game participation. Cheers for the invite!

Anonymous said...

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