Saturday, March 20, 2010

6 things about me

Nela invited me to this game and I find it fun. So, the rules are: write six random things about yourself and illustrate them with a photo, so you would get to know other bloggers better.

Well, here goes:

1. I am a complete salt lover, I eat very salty food which mostly no one else can eat. I'm not much into sweets, but salt I love. Yep, bad for you, I know, but so are cigarettes and I smoke, too. Seems I'm into organ failure ;)

2. I am a complete sucker for colours, that is, certain colour combinations (they can be monochromatic as well), they make me weirdly happy and inspire me immensely. On that topic, I strongly dislike blue house-ware of any sort, while blue is one of my favourite colours in my wardrobe, and on the other hand - I never wear yellow, but love it in the house. Hmmm...

3. I am terrified of creepy crawlies, and pathologically so. Once I was late for work because I didn't dare go into the bathroom where I saw a bug. I had to call a friend to come and kill it. Seriously. I can't even kill them, I'm that terrified.

4. I used to have a "splav" (like a raft house) on river Sava, in Belgrade. My dream house has to be next to water and with loads of trees and a porch, I don't care about much else. I may never get it, but that was close enough ;) I love water and trees.

5. When the weather is nice, I love nothing better than to sit outside a cafe and watch people go by. The only other thing that relaxes me as much is driving or being driven (in whatever).(The picture is for Nela, since it was taken at Ada Safari).

6. I only comb my hair when I wash it. It's horrible, I know, but I really don't like combing it. And, yes, that's me in the picture.

So, I finish with a gross random fact and tag: beademecum, Doreen and Fiona


felinabubo said...

bella questa idea! prima o poi lo farò anche io sul mio blog! ;)

adoro come te i colori e sedermi fuori quando è una bella gironata! ;) a presto/

this great idea! I will copy this idea on my blog,with pubblicity or you blog ;)! :) I love the colors come and sit when out and a beautiful day! :) See you soon

Nela said...

Thanks for the pic! The spring came and it's so good over there :D

lumina said...

Thanks for the invitation! I'm gonna think about my answers :)
I also prefer salty food to sweets, however I don't like using too much of salt. Do you like flower of salt (fleur de sel) and/or Maldon salt? They are really yummie :)

Teodora said...

Nela, I envy you so much right now! Holland has great parks, but Ada is Ada :(
Ladies, I am looking forward to your answers.
Lumina, I never actually tried them, but to me it's like you're talking about bestest sweets in the world :))

lumina said...

:) It's worth trying them, they are totally different from other salts. The Maldon is crispy and have an intense taste, sometimes I just eat it with bread and butter.

Teodora said...

Oh, that sounds yummy! I have to try it soon!


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