Wednesday, March 3, 2010

T-shirt diariorama project: decon - recon

So, I had this brilliant idea to make a little project called T-shirt diariorama project. I was thinking how hungry for learning new stuff I am, and how many new techniques I  have learned lately and thought I might put it all in one place. The place being a plain white T-shirt. This means that I will mirror any techniques that I use at a particular time on this piece of fabric. It's supposed to go on till 2011 and will all be posted at the website. And I plan to wear it. So, something between a creative journal and a presentation of different techniques and materials, with tutorials wherever possible. This part is really an omage to all those people who selflessly share their knowledge. I find that really great and am seriously thankfull for everything I have learned from them. The tutorials will either be done by myself, or I will provide a link to the one I learned the technique from or the one that explains it much better than I ever could. . That's where the brilliant part comes in (or rather, now you realize that I was being sarcastic) - namely I spent loads of time yesterday and today putting together a little film (found here, or in the previous post) and my very first tutorial! It-is-not-as-easy-as-I-thought-it-would-be (which makes me even more grateful to the people who do it all the time). Also, I have sooooooo many bookmarked pages in the craft tutorial section, that it takes me ages (if at all) to find the tute I am looking for. But I shall persist! I plan to upload the tutorials on the website, but since this is my very first tute, I'll present it here (and in case you like, you can download it as .jpg here). 
This is step 1 of the project and it does not mirror anything I did recently, but is just a start and the first tutorial. All the following steps will mirror my creative processes. (stop talking now, Teodora)
Here we go then....
T-shirt deconstruction - reconstruction tutorial
or how to turn a plain tee into this:

(Actually, I wanted something different - a reconstruction I came up with myself as well, similar to this and this, but when I opened my "plain white T-shirt", it turned out to be too small for that, i.e. I would have to add material due to the disproportion between the sleeve size and my boobage (big), which I didn't want, so this is what came out instead - not as radical change, but alright).
Here we go then:

Btw. this "cheat" sleeve fitting I learned from someone on some website and I really spent half an hour now trying to find it, but can't! Seriously - I have too many bookmarks. Thank you to whoever made the tute, it works perfectly!

So, what d'ya think? Was that clear enough? Is it alright for the first tutorial? If not, please do comment or ask away. In the meantime, you can find the project here, or follow it on this blog.


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