Monday, December 21, 2009

Flourishing away!

Something old, something new... Nope, no one is getting married, I just re-did some of the old pieces and posted them for sale on DaWanda. And then I did some new pieces, some of which already sold, or will be in the shop very soon.
So, here goes:

The following three pics are the re-done oldies, now available on DaWanda:
Perfume Boudoir brooch and ring

Simple Life ring

Spring in the forest necklace

The next three pics are the new pieces that already sold before they were even listed (yaay! - me very happy):
Secret Spring Garden earrings

Secret Spring Garden Necklace

Winter Paisley set

And, finally, these are the new pieces that will soon appear in the shop:
Secret Garden locket
I am very happy about this locket - it's made on a recycled Vaseline tin, and it opens just enough for you to put a little special something inside.

Court Garden earrings

Art Nouveau earrings

My head is full of ideas and projects, I need to pace myself and get organized. Anyways, hope you enjoy these and are looking forward to the holidays as I am :)
I will post some of my Christmas spirit in the next post, AND there is a New Year giveaway on its way as well!

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