Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter's mix'n'match

Hello there! Still busy here and slightly disoriented. Too many things to do, or too big of a to-do list forming in my head. Either way, I have been jumping from one thing to another and employing most of my crafty abilities. Tadah - I present you with some of the results:

1. This is something I am very pleased with. I loved both materials so much, and already had this jacket in my head, so I decided to make it a reversible one. Also, neither of the materials alone would carry off the shape I had in mind, so reversible jacket was the perfect solution. This for me was a triumph of sorts - first of all, I sew by hand, second, I tend to make mistakes in sewing since I am impatient, but this one went smoothly all the way!. All in all, I am very pleased. The brown side is woolen, and the red is the most gorgeous deep red heavy cotton. Yaay, I have a new jacket!

2. J. and I made Christmas cards for friends and family (and are now procrastinating sending them. Note to self - send the darn cards!)
3. I made papier mache birdies for house decoration. I have another one in mind, and it's supposed to be huge.

4. Other than these, I have almost finished a new batch of jewelry that will soon find its way into my shoppe. And having mentioned the shop - DaWanda is having a Christmas discount on the 17th and 18th December (tomorrow and Friday), so feel free to visit my shop and get yourself or a loved one some Christmas goodies ;)

Oh, and I have a new fan page on Facebook. Drop in and have a look!
See you soon!


Loca said...

Ove ptice na lampi su me potpuno odusevile!! Aaaa koja si ti carica!

Teodora said...

Hvala, divna si! 'Cu ti spravim jednu cim stignem, obecavam!


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