Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been extremely productive these past few days, making jewellery for sale galore (which I will show you gradually soon). BUT! I have also decided to devote yesterday to finishing up a few things for myself and myself alone. Two of them have been waiting on the shelf for ages now and finally I got around to finishing them up:
1) Remember the jacket from boyfriend's trousers? Well, I finally finished it by adding buttons and stiffening the collar with interfacing and lining.

It was on hold because I couldn't find appropriate buttons or lining material. First I wanted red or silver buttons, but I didn't like any I saw in the shops, so I ended up buying buttons that should be covered by fabric - but still didn't have the right fabric. Then I went digging through my scraps bag (which is in a a big laundry basket which I don't often open, since it has tons of stuff on top of it) and found another pair of old trousers that my boyfriend gave me - linen and of the same colour as the corduroy! I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but I really love the difference in materials. So, the buttons got covered and stitched with red thread just for effect, and the lining (same linen) and interfacing were put on the collar (which now stands up perfectly). For the actual closing I didn't dare make button holes on the corduroy, so I ended up  putting snap buttons and have the big fabric ones just for decoration. And tadah!

2) Since I went on a sewing spree, I made myself a top (out of cotton jersey bedsheets) which turned out great (as in - I like it) and was fast to make

I normally don't wear orange since it makes my face look like a carrot and makes it featureless, but I just couldn't resist the colour combination.

3) And finally I finished a necklace - choker, which was waiting for ages (had the tubes crocheted ages ago)

The construction of it didn't come out perfect, but it's for myself so I don't mind much and I really like the colour combo.

So, that was my "mememememe" spree and I'll see you soon with stuff I am not keeping for myself ;)

Happy spring, I say!

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