Monday, March 8, 2010


This post should be categorized under "sewing failures", and the story goes like this:
The other day I was watching The Fashion Show, and at the final show the designer Anna McCraney showed this dress that I totally fell in love with. It's a knit (which is perfect), but since there is no way that I can produce a knit, I thought I could make something similar out of cotton jersey. The design is simple enough (thought little Teodora), so I went on to cut fabric strips that I would then sew together and produce a similar dress for myself. So, since I do not possess a sewing machine, I proceeded to sew over 20m of fabric by hand (later calculated in steaming rage). I even pinned everything down beforehand, which is something I normally can never be bothered to do (and since I only sew for myself, I don't care about little imperfections). It took almost three days of booooooooring stitching to finish it off. And when I did, and tried it on - it was completely and totally askew, with fabric strips in excess or shortage by as much as 20cm. How the hell did that happen?! I seriously have no idea. So I had to cut the length to the shortest strip (including the parts that were already sewn! by hand! for 3 days!) and make the bottom hem as small as possible to get the most possible length (thank you adhesive seam tape!) and was left with an askew dress, which is btw. also too wide, along with the stripes which were supposed to be narrower as well - and I even modelled it on a a bloody mannequin. It's a sewing mystery. So, there you go, I'll show you the pic of my embarrassment (taken by my phone camera, but a crappy dress does not deserve a better picture).
After so much effort, I'm gonna wear it, even if it kills me! 

P.S. I (well, my boyfriend) made the DIY mannequin following the instructions from the Threadbanger episode. Actually, mine is a combination of two episodes (this is the 2nd one), since I used the duct tape and a garbage bag. It works great, even though mine is slightly bigger than I actually am (possibly due to overstuffing, or lack of enough tape layers), but it doesn't matter, since it retains the shape.

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