Saturday, January 23, 2010

New things sprouting in the secret garden

Or, in other words, there are some new thingies in my DaWanda shoppe -
Art Nouveau Garden earrings

and the Secret Auburn Garden set.

Aaaaaand,  the good news as well, I have discovered the new post editor (d'oh!). Seriously, I am such an idiot - this is sooooooo much better than having to think in reverse and calculate with complex formulas which picture will end up where :)) (I am using all the kinkiness of it now just for fun).

The bad news, and major irritation for weeks, is the fact that exactly 5 pieces of commissioned jewelry ended up either stolen or lost in the Serbian post office. I am mightily pissed off, and so is the friend I made it for. Especially as one set was supposed to be her New Year's ensemble and the other a present for her friend. The communication between the Dutch post office and the Serbian one is so complicated that we both just gave up and I am making her new sets (which unfortunately cannot be the same as I used the only vintage findings I had of the kind for them). Uuuuurgh and double uuuuurgh!

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