Thursday, January 28, 2010

Display your love!

Valentine's is not really big where I come from, but love is always a good topic of creation, so here are a few Valentine's specials fresh in my shop:

Love Birdies Magnet

Love Bug Magnet

Love Birdies on the Wire - magnet

Love is in the air - magnet

Love Connection Magnet

All are polymer clay and acrylics, and some wire. Love bug is my personal favourite, even though I am currently heavily into birdies of all shapes and sizes. Will show you soon ;)

Be good and enjoy!


felinabubo said...

ti ho scovato su fliker e sei bravissima_!

Teodora said...

Grazie! :-)

feelingfimo said...

I like them all!!!!Super su ti magnetići! Jako kreativno!

Teodora said...

Hvala puno!


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