Monday, January 4, 2010

Let there be colour! (and animal kingdom)...and stuff

I have so many ideas running amock in my head, but I find that a very good start of the new year! I have also been on a let-me-make-whatever-there-is-out-there spree. So, let's see:

- I made gift boxes and bags for my jewelry
- I made my very first stamp (wahey!) - and stamped around like a mad woman
- I made a new jewelry batch that I'll show you next time
- I crocheted my first thing ever!
I find crocheting sooo confusing (especially with all those abbreviations in patterns), and I have attempted to crochet stuff numerous times before - to no success whatsoever. But yesterday I crocheted a hat! Woohoo! Yaay! And yipee! Seriosly, even though it's not much (just a plain red beret) I am so happy because I figured it out and don't feel like an idiot when faced with a crochet hook. However, being in that "I am so smart, I am so smart" rush I followed on to crochet loads of little yarn sperms (?!). Yes, I know...I have no idea either...I'm sure I'll find some use for them sometime...Ahem....Aaaaaanyway...
- I made some really cute home decor birdies as well. They were actually supposed to be for sale, but I kind of fell in love and now have to decide which ones to give for adoption :((

All of this would be followed by photos, except my boyfriend took the camera with him, so I can't make any /:{. Next blog, I promise, and I'll add some crafty links as well that really helped me (like for the hat, and the stamp).

Until then, new arrivals in my shoppe are bellow. I am getting off on colour, but that is hardly new. And the fishies and peacocks are back again! ;)

Have a great week!

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