Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As promised...

I was thinking of earrings actually, but, yes, I know, I don't really know what I was thinking...

So, I got a hold of the camera and here are some pics of the other stuff i mentioned in the previous blog post (I know, I know, you are mesmerized by those floaties above, but bear with me):

- packaging and my new DIY stamp! It's a crude one, since I was very impatient to make it (as I mostly am when I want to make something), so it's made from materials I had on hand: a stolen eraser (from my boyfriend. He was nice enough not to kill me afterwards), a piece of wood i cut from something, and a squishy, foamy, double-sidedly sticky something in between that I also nicked from my boyfriend's supplies. My way of making it was very simplified, and I didn't have a carving tool small enough for the lettering, but it was very quick, and I actually followed the rules of sorts. But since this explanation of mine makes no sense whatsoever, I give you a very helpful link (you can skip all the rubber supply stuff in the beginning and just nick an eraser) - there you go.

- Next, I made a lot of burdies! And there are more on the way. I am completely hooked. This is just a sneak peak and I'll show you individual photos when I'm all done.

- And here, my pride and joy (indulge me, this is like a mother loving a complete brat of a child). It is nothing special, but if you read my previous post, you'll know why I am so thrilled with it.
Anyhoo, before I go to ponder on half a dozen sewing, gluing, claying and cooking projects (not all together) that I am itching to do, I leave you with the Threadbanger episode that helped me with this. In case you are of the same crocheting intelligence as I am, I'll add my translation to the "idiot language" below.
So, all you have to know is what a chain stitch and single crochet are (btw. single crochet is the US term, the UK term is double crochet, aaaand, my favourite needlework reference book is a Croatian translation and hence has a term niski stapic bez navoja for it; besides why is it called "single" when you do two loops....and so on and so forth - how could I not cry in despair here!). Ok , so now that you know that, you proceed like this:

- make 8 chain stitches
- connect them in a circle
- 1st (numbers are the numbers of rows) - do single crochet in each stitch twice, so you end up with 16 stitches (double) (count them so you would be sure where you are; I found the "tail" trick mentioned in the episode not very precise)
- 2nd - do single crochet in every fourth stitch twice (now you have 20 stitches)
- 3rd - do plain single crochet all the way
- 4th - do single crochet in each stitch twice
- 5th - do single crochet in every fifth stitch twice
- 6th - do plain single crochet all the way
- 7th - do single crochet in every sixth stitch twice
- 8th - do plain single crochet all the way
- 9th - do single crochet in every seventh stitch twice
- 10th - do single crochet in every eighth stitch twice
- 11th - do single crochet in every ninth stitch twice
- 12th - do single crochet in every tenth stitch twice
- 13th - do single crochet in every eleventh stitch twice
- 14th - do single crochet in every twelfth stitch twice
- 15th - do single crochet in every thirteenth stitch twice
- 16th - now, if the size is good you do plain single crochet all the way here, if it's too small (like mine was) because your hook is smaller than in the episode, or yarn thinner - proceed to do single crochet twice in every fourteenth stitch here, every fifteenth in the next row and so on, until you have the desired size
- do as many rows of single crochets all around as needed for the desired depth
- when you reach the desired depth - skip every 4th stitch
- final row - skip 2 stitches every 4th stitch and when you reach the end of the row, you are done (for me, at this point the opening was a little too big, so i proceeded to skip 3 stitches every 4th stitch, and so on until I had it right).

I hope this helps a little, and hopefully no one who CAN actually crochet is reading this and dying a little with every line, but rather laughing their heart out (I mean, come on! Just look at those sperms up there!) :-D

See you soon and be well in the meantime!


Lights and Stars said...

Hello! your blog is hilarious (in a good way). What a top post..creative sperm, appealing birds and crochet for crap crochet-ers! brilliant! pleased to meet you and happy new year x

Teodora said...

Thank you! I thought the comment might be a revenge of an angry crocheter, but yay! Very nice to meet you, too


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