Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh so busy...

...and not so much with lovely creation, but rather other mundane things :(
However, I have been quite productive as well, and I'll show you here en-bulk.
Some things unexpectedly sold before I could even list them, I had loads of commissions and am very exhausted and in need of a holiday. But there you go, life gets in the way.
But! I am in no way whining and now I'll get on with it and just show you the pics. I hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend!
(Weekend, yay!)

So, the burdies are naturally flying around and the bottom two are still available at the shop.

These 3 have already been sold or gifted to lovely friends.

The earrings I kept for myself, but the pendant will be in the shop today

And my latest obsession that I call "mad patchwork". Some sold and some will be available later today.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that and don't mind me being slightly "unconnected", I'm working on it ;)

Cheers, my dears!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Wonderful new creations! I love the earrings you kept for yourself...I would have done the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Ovi radovi su prava umjetnost, oduševljena sam!!!
Veliki pozdrav iz Hrvatske.
Zondra Art

Fiona said...

Hello old pal! I haven't been doing any blog stuff for ages as loads of rubbish stuff happened and then I was making my website. But I have a new blog now and came to see you. Still doing amazing work then! I'm going to look at your website in a minute, hope you are well! x

Teodora said...

Hvala & Thank you! Sorry for the delay, still hectic here :-)
Fiona, good to see you back! I just replied to your email

Its All About Creating said...

Just found your blog through The Next Bend. Your polymer work is very unique and beautiful.

Teodora said...

Thank you very much!


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