Saturday, February 27, 2010

Up and away!

The collection form the previous post is in the shop, but more importantly - 

Do check it out and tell me what you think. 
It is still work in progress, but my part of it is mostly done and I thought it was ready for the world. The whole website is meant to be a collection of all the stuff that me and my boyfriend do, so,  not only a shop, but also a gallery and a space for sharing all our creative concepts and endeavours.
I really hope you like, since I am very excited.


Lights and Stars said...

Right,I've been working for precisely 11 hours on the computer without a break to meet a deadline for my art, and am about 3 minutes away from a seizure. I have rewarded myself with a massive glass of wine followed by a massive glass of sherry and my third reward, looking at your website. It's brilliant!! As you're an artist and so am I, we need only discuss the important bit. The food. Yo!! I think I must be Serbian and my mum forgot to tell me! I want crazy dough right this minute! and who'd have known about the 3-waterings bean anti-fartacus procedure?
It's a fantastic site. Your work looks absolutely stunning all in the one place.Your drawings are beautiful. Your jewellery is unique and beautifully made. And you have the insight of a comedy writer.
I hope the website brings you huge success,
Fiona x

Teodora said...

Yaay! Fiona, you made my day! Btw. what happened to your blog?


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