Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who doesn't love technical glitches!

Aaaaaah, I finally have a browser again!
It was completely uncooperative for two days, and now it's operational again! Woohoo!
However, I was unable to post new jewelry in the shoppe, and also unable to download a huge pile of work that's gonna occupy me this week (of course it arrived when my browser was down!).
In the meantime I finished almost all the burdies, but, naturally, the camera is off with my boyfriend (1,2,3....), so what you get is a crappy picture from my phone camera of some of them and I'll provide better pictures when I get hold of the camera.

Now I have to go and deal with the mundane stuff (urgh) and leave you with the burdies who live on sneakers too, don't you know ;)

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