Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Super heroes, here I come!

I am off to a holiday! Going to spend it with all my most beloved people. I'll be back at the beginning of August, and until then I leave you with the presents I made for two of my best friends.

I made every single detail of them (including the boxes and the clothes) and it took me almost three days. I am quite pleased and hope they will be too! And hope I don't crush them in the bag on my way there :#

So, here they go, from packed to unpacked:

Lena action figure...
...and Zule action figure
Here are both of them looking innocent and sweet. But! When you undress them (in case of an emergency, of course)...
...they turn into...

Their special powers range from arguing with public servants to barbecuing.

And now I'm off. Hope you all have a lovely summer and see you in August!


lenaki said...

My name is Lena and now i have a doll with the same name!!!:P
Perfect work!!!!

Teodora said...

I should make it into a brand, for the Lenas out there ;)
Thank you!


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