Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Been busy - aqua flood and more

I've been really busy lately. We are going away for a month and I have been making presents, jewellry for myself, and sewing a little as well (you can never be too practical/comfortable at a festival/concert). So, here it goes:

I had some of that striped cane left from all the boudoir thingies, so i made myself a butterfly brooch. Very pleased with that one.
Btw., I found the tutorial for this striped cane (well, sheet) somewhere online, but, for the love of me, I cannot find where. Seriously, I have so many bookmarks in my Crafts section that they start to loose the point, since I need ages to just browse through the titles. Anyway, thank you to whoever it was that posted the tute, I find it looks great.

Ring is, again, for myself, if only for the reason that I like and wear absolutely huuuuge rings. I don't know anyone else who wears them as big, or would like to get one from me - I think people would find it more like a centerpiece for the table ;-). This one is 4cm in diameter. See what I mean?

This necklace is actually what I made the peacock feather cane for! The necklace is a present for my mum, and she wanted something with turqoise (which is where all of this blue madness started from). Actually, she wanted something completely turqoise, but I never go where I plan with polymer clay, so tadah! this is what she will end up with. I would be such crap at commmission work ;-)

Some cane was left, so I also made this brooch.

This brooch is a result of playing with blues and greens after coming across a magnificent tutorial by Camille Young. The technique is simple enough, but the results (hers) are gorgeous. Just follow her links and see the beautiful things she does.

Another ring, supposed to remind you of stone. Made for myself - I needed something in that colour.

And, naturally, since I already made the colour blend that I liked, that led to yet another striped sheet. Oh my. Both the necklace and the earrings bellow are made as presents for my mum and a friend of mine. Hopefully they'll like.

That's it for now. Being my oh-what's-this-i-wanna-try-it self, I have now decided to try out some felting. I have already made the elements, now I have to figure out what to do with them ;-). Will post when I'm done. Hope you enjoy this in the meantime!


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