Friday, May 15, 2009

Brown purse

I desperatly needed a brown purse for a party we are going to on Saturday - I absolutely hate dancing with a bag on my shoulder, and yet, I am a woman, not to mention a smoker, not to mention that I normally don't have that many pockets on myself... And, tadah! - this is what I came up with: it is very recycled; the material is brown corduroy which used to be my boyfriend's trousers (am I destroying too many of his clothes lately?). The button is a decoupage piece made with chocolate wrapper and some sewing thread (that one went slightly wrong as I tried to paint the branch first - let me say that does not work at all with Mod Podge when you are stupid enough to use a plain Stabilo pen). I am pleased with the final result and it took less than half an hour to make, including nailing down a ring to the button ;)

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