Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apparently not lazy much

So, it's high time I posted something.
I haven't been doing much drawing or painting lately, but was more into crafts and sewing. My problem always is that when I find a new technique or a project I get completely absorbed in it, and leave others behind. More discipline is what I need! But here's what I've been up to lately:

1) some recycle crafting - in this case, a flower and a necklace made of old plastic bags

2) some recycle sewing and printing. Here:
a) a tunic/dress made from my boyfriend's t-shirt (I didn't steal it - he gave it to me!); only the sewing part was mine, print was already there
b) a print on an old white t-shirt (the design came from a napkin); only the printing part is mine here
c) a skirt made of 4 t-shirts (4 panels), that can be worn any way round; in this case both the design, printing and sewing were mine. Inspiration came from an episode of truly amazing Threadbangers.

Woohoo! I'm quite happy with the results :D

3) some jewelry made with paper napkins and wood and cork - in this case a pair of earings and 2 rings

4) And finally some paper creations completely inspired by amazing work of Yulia Brodskaya.
a) a thank you note for a friend who helped us out
b) a stress relief poster for myself ;)

The process of making them is stress-releiving, too, I tell you!

So, all in all, I haven't been that lazy, and still have a few projects on my mind. Wahey!

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