Thursday, February 19, 2009

inkjet transfers onto clay - my first try!

I've come across an extremely helpful tutorial on transfers onto polymer clay, using inkjet printers - thanks Valerie!

It is something I've been really eager to try out, and I present you with the first result. It's a pendant for my boyfriend. The print was done on HP inkjet printer, using the cheapest baking paper in Holland (money is always tight in my household!) and I was really thrilled by the result!

Naturally, since I am a "baksuz", when I did a transfer for myself the printer went low on ink, and as if that wasn't enough - the clay tore when I was lifting it from the work surface. Buuuut, I didn't give up. So, on the second pendant I traced the picture (after baking it), using (again) the cheapest Stabilo pens, and then glazed it. I am very pleased with the result! 

The picture used for the first pendant is one done by my boyfriend, and for the second - Egon Schiele's Gerti Schiele in a Plaid Garment, one of my favourite pieces, by one of my favourite artiststhe original of which you can see below:

Wahey! And I hope you like as well.

P.S. I have no idea why some of the pictures are not clickable here. If you want a better view, please see my Flickr page


Anonymous said...

Surfed in from Valerie's blog. Glad to find you - your art is amazing. This is a wonderful drawing. I'd never seen Schiele before; he's fabulous. I love the pendant you made from the print and am looking forward to trying Valerie's technique. I'm no artist but my son is: (Not very up-to-date, I'm afraid. He's making films and commercials now and hasn't had much time to work on the site.) I just dabble, don't have a site yet, mostly make jewellery. Got side-tracked into polymer clay because I wanted opals. Love the web and being able to connect with artists all over the world.

Teodora said...

Hi, Sue

I have just seen your comment! Sorry for being so late, and thank you very much for your kind words :-)


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