Friday, November 28, 2008


Perhaps a brief explanation is in order here. I have always drawn and painted, but I have not been very prolific until I moved to the Netherlands. I might post some of the old stuff, but these are all mostly new.

I do very different things, depending, I guess, on my mood, or perhaps a state of vision, be it the inner or the outter eye. I therefore have very different series, as you might notice in the future.

As far as the title of the blog is concerned, 'bunt' is a double-meaning thing. My boyfriend and I are starting an art manufacture (all will be duly informed), and have come up with the name 'bunt' - in German (he is German) it means 'many-coloured', 'colourful', in Serbian (I am Serbian) it means 'revolt', 'rebellion'. We thought it fit perfectly. Especially as it came from a painting of his that is my absolute favourite.

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